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The continued outbreak of COVID-19 as spring semesters drew to a close made it clear that high school seniors would not experience many once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Pandora Jewelry decided to step in and, by quickly working with local non-profit organizations, we found 10 female high school seniors across the country that excelled in school and within their community. We helped these women celebrate with Pandora Prom packages, complete with jewelry, decorations and treats, and access to virtual events like the “We Are Well” prom.

Our virtual prom storyline sparked human interest stories in regional + national, digital + broadcast outlets and communicated strong brand messaging about giving voice to the passions, people and places we love. These stories also generated awareness for Pandora products by showcasing the pieces given to help these girls celebrate a pivotal senior year moment.

764M+ impressions (earned media + social).

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